Archives sector of

Skvyra State district administration of

Kyiv regiond



List of Services:

Perform searches of persons and entities.

2. Provision of documents for use in the reading room.

3. Organize documents in institutions and organizations.

4. Consultations by phone and personal appointments.

5. Making copies of archival documents.

The list of queries performed Archives:

1. On the allocation or allotment of land to private and corporate clients.

2. On confirmation of ownership of real estate.

3. Searching and copies of documents (decisions of executive bodies - the creation of an enterprise, institution or organization, terms of reference, etc.).

Characteristics of the main types of requests:

Request for citizens to archival departments are divided into:

1. Social and legal ;

2. Theme .


Social and legal queries relating to the provision of information about:

well). Seniority institutions and organizations Skvirskogo district;

B). Wages institutions and organizations Skvirskogo district;


Requests are free of charge . Deadline queries - 1 month from the date of the registration statement or letter.

Feature requests for information related to a specific problem, theme for a certain chronological period of:

well). Allocation of land institutions, organizations and individuals in Ivankov district ;

B). Provide copies of decisions , orders and decrees of authorities ( executive committees of district and village councils ) and individual departments Skvirskogo district;

B). Changes in the administrative-territorial structure Skvirskogo area , renaming towns ( provided free of charge to citizens to solve their social and legal needs , such as : the establishment of citizenship );

g). Create, build factories , establishment of educational institutions and other organizations i enterprises.

All inquiries thematic nature performed for a fee. Fees for appeals work agencies, organizations and individuals determined by the prices of works (services) in the use of archival documents executed Archives Department on a contractual basis . Terms of queries can be extended depending on the complexity of the work.

Information about the consultation provided:

According to the Law of Ukraine " On citizens ' response to request archive for a month, and depending on the results - archival reference or negative if the relevant documents in the archive were found .

Request for invalids and veterans of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 , labor , disabled persons and persons affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and other persons in need of social protection and support - run in the first place and , if possible , immediately .

Information on length of service and salary, which is stored in documents on personnel ( orders of personnel, personal account information on payroll ) are stored in the archives of institutions, enterprises and organizations of 75 years and can not be transmitted in the Archives Department . That is, these documents may be stored in the institutions , organizations and enterprises that continue to exist. If the institution is liquidated , it must refer to the archive of the area of higher institutions or employment records .

Documents ( travel permit to zone NPP sheets entering the job information of the received radiation , etc. . ), Due to the fact that these documents were at the time the shelf life of 3 years in the archives department are not saved.